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Mamma Mania’ is the author’s journey into motherhood, an ultimate goal of a woman. As the title suggests, the book is a refreshing narrative of a first time mother. It is an honest and forthright account of a woman who goes through a roller coaster ride to bring a child into this mad world and hence the title ‘Mamma Mania’. Right from the conception to the birth of the child, the author goes through myriad emotions comprising agony and ecstasy. The book also provides an in-depth insight to would-be parents. It gives valuable tips and suggestions as well as first hand experiences of the author that might be useful. Overall, a book that is worth a read, so much so that you will not want to put it down. Take your pick today and peep into a woman’s world!

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MammaMania book launch: Konkana sen sharma launched MammaMania on 3rd June at Landmark, Infinity Mall Goregaon. Click here for video and pics...................
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